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Fridays 2PM to 9PM
There will be no trapshooting on club cleanup days, 3D Archery Shoots, and days that Hunter Safety Courses are being conducted.


Past the 27 Yards
Trap 2 thru 4
Annie Oakley
Looking Back to Clubhouse
From Archery Tower
Wayne Still Pavillion
Before After LED
Full Squad
Trap 4

Our club has trapshooting only. We do not have skeet, 5 stand, or sporting clays.

Prices are $5.00 per round of 25 targets, $10.00 for doubles for members and 18 year old and younger. For Non-Members the price is $6.00 per round of 25 targets and $12.00 for doubles.

We have four trap houses with Pat Trap Machines. Trap number 1 is able to throw Wobble Trap. Trap number 3 is typically setup to throw Double Pairs.
Trap fields 1, 2, and 3 are lighted with new LED lights. 

Both ATA (Amateur Trapshooting Association) and Non-ATA shoots are held throughout the year, The clubs also holds special shoots such as Annie Oakley's, Brother-in-Laws, 410 Bore, Multi-Colored Targets that will be added to our calendar and announced on Facebook.



The shooter will stand on top of the trap house for a Rabbit Run Shoot.

The trap machine is lowered as low as it can be moved. The target skims just barely above the ground. The machine can be set up for singles or doubles.

A step with hand rail has been made for this shoot.

For our shooting friends that are not an ATA member but would like an ATA style shoot of 100 16 yard singles, 100 handicap, and 50 pair doubles our Shooter Appreciation Day is a shoot that you may want to try. You can shoot the number of events that you want. You do not have to shoot all of the events.


Our Annual Potato Shoot was started by the Baar family, local potato farmers. The shoot is 100 16 yard singles, 100 handicap, 50 pair doubles. This year one 5 pound bag of potatoes for every shooter. One can of chili for every 25 straights.

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