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Rifle Range Closure the range will be closed for

Club Clean Up days.

 3D Archery Events.

The Sunday 3D Archery shoots last until 12 PM Noon. However on Sunday the Range will be closed for an additional 2 hours for removal of targets north of the pistol range.

The range will also be closed during forestry evaluation and cleanup.

Mowing operations is done by volunteers during the growing season and will be done typically on a Wednesday or Thursday morning. If shooters are already on the line they will not mow until they have completed shooting.

If mowing is in progress please do not move weapons to the firing benches until the mowing is completed.

You may erect your targets while mowing is in ptogress. 

See the Events Section for dates and times.

Uwe Lassen and Mike Riney are our Pistol and Rifle Range Officers and will enforce the range rules.

                                                     RANGE RULES

The rifle range is for members only or their guest. Non-members can shoot at public events such as Prairie Dog Shoots.


The range is open 7 days a week from 8AM in the morning until 8PM in the evening or sundown, whichever occurs first.

Please comply with the rules on the signs. Please cleanup your targets and brass after your shoot.

Eight (8) shooting benches are located under a covered range. Vehicles may be backed up to the covering.

Targets can be set up for either 100-yard or 200-yard distances.

Wooden pallets on the range can be used for deer slugs.


DO NOT use the patterning board on the trap range for deer slugs or buckshot.

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